A professional fully content managed website starting at £175

Website Starter

The cost of a "shell" website based around a purchased theme or template which you are free to populate with content is £175 plus the cost of your chosen theme (typically a further £20) this includes the setup of analytics, backups and submission to search engine.

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Our consultancy rates are £35 per hour, we can provide advice on content development, search engine optimisation tips and expert help with your digital marketing strategy.

Bespoke Templates

If you are looking for more customisation than a purchased theme or template and require a fully bespoke, responsive design for your site we are happy to provide this service. Cost is dependent on your specific requirements but is typically around £500.

Service Integration

More complex websites may require integration of a number of services provided by open-source software and services. The integration of a content based site, wordpress blog, on-line shop and appointment calendar all in one seamless site for example. We are completely transparent in the way this service will be provided and base the cost on the actual time involved in delivery. Contact Chris at Aval Solutions on 0800 246 1042 to discuss your needs and to get a quote.


Unlimited hosting for up to 4 websites is £10 per month

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