Templates with personalised branding provide the look and feel for your website

Templates and Themes

The fundamental look and feel for your website is provided by a template or "theme". A theme will allow you to add pages of different types and layouts but retain an overall consistency. Your theme should reflect the character of your business and allow site vistors to navigate easily. Themes have built in controls or widgets to allow you to do this, as you add new pages and content your site menu will provide navigation to the page automatically.

Build or Buy

Themes can be designed and built to your exact requirement if you want something entirely bespoke but in most cases a bought theme, perhaps with small customisations will deliver a site that impresses your customers and allows you to grow your website as you move forward.  Many bought themes also provide extra widgets to use on your website, photo scrollers for instance.


The page you are reading now is using the "Silence" theme that is used for the majority of this site, it cost just £40. The Menu on this page will take you to other pages that showcase some other themes. If you click on a theme on the menu you will see a page using it and notice that the overall look and feel for a site can vary widely.


Nowadays more and more users visit websites using a Smartphone or tablet, a site that appears small and is cumbersome to navigate on one of these devices will iritate vistors and could lose you potential custom. Themes can be specifiically designed to respond to the device the website is displayed on and display content in a way which is appropriate to the size of the screen, these are called responsive themes. If you already have a website you can check out how it looks and works on a variety of devices by typing the URL into responsinator.com