High performance hosting on servers dedicated to Aval Clients. Host up to 4 websites and any number of email addresses for £10 per month.

Unlimited Hosting

Your website must be hosted on a web server, or cloud service to be accessed on the internet. We provide hosting facilities on servers that are dedicated to Aval Solutions clients, there are alternative cheap hosting deals available but your site may be hosted on a server shared with hundreds of other websites which can influence your website speed. Some hosting deals will also put limits on your disk space, download quotas and other services available.

Aval Solutions hosting offers hosting of up to 4 websites on servers dedicated to Aval clients with unlimited disk space, unlimited downloads and unlimited email accounts for £10 per month with no hidden costs.

Automated Backup

In addition to providing hosting we provide an automated backup service that will take a copy of your websites databases on a nightly basis and take a full backup of all content and imagery on a weekly basis.


When your website is created it will be associated with a Google Analytics account so that you can track visits to your site, where your visitors are coming from, the pages they visit and how they found you. This information is useful as you refine your keyword and digital marketing strategy. You will have full access to all your analytics data and will also be emailed a summary report once a week.    

Search Engine Submission

When you site is raedy to go public we will do the necessary setup in Google and Bing Webmaster tools so that it is indexed as soon as possible and can also be monitored for any search ranking related issues.