The quality and organisation of the content on your website is important for visitors to your site and to achieve good rankings in search engines

Content is Key

Good quality, engaging and fresh content for your website is key to retaining your website vistor's interest. It is also key to getting good rankings in search engines. The days when there were Search Engine Optimistaion "tricks" that would raise your sites rankings are long gone, Google now mainly looks for quality relevant, authoritative content when ranking your site.   

Structure is Vital

The structure of your content is vital to help search engines understand the keywords that represent your business and rank your site accordingly for search phrases submitted. Some of the content keywords will be on the web pages and some will be more hidden in behind the page "meta data". We can advise you on how to structure your content to infulence your search ranking and what to avoid.

Keyword Strategy

Once we have discussed your business it's markets and the keywords that represent it we can help you with some research in to the additional relevant keywords and phrases and help you optimise you site with them. Your keyword strategy should be seen as an on-going effort driven by analytics data which we provide for your site and can help you interpret.

Advice or Provision

We believe that you know your business and market best and with advice on structuring your content and keywords you may be able to produce all the content for your site yourself. We will always be on hand to help you with any technical advice as you do this. However, should you wish we can also provide services to develop and input your content for you.