Logos and branding for use on your website, social media and print

Customising the Template

The template will provide the overall look and feel of your website it is made more specific to your brand by adding a logo and/or a banner together with imagery across the site.

Logos and Avatars

We recommend that the logo used for the website, or a cut down version of it is created to use as your "Avatar" across and social media channels that you use, this provides brand consistency and helps to develop instant recognisability amongst your customers.  


A relavant website banner on some or all of your pages will provide a greater visual appeal.

Graphic Design

You may already have invested in graphic design work for your brand or have quality imagery available, we can help you adapt these designs to fit with your website template and social media channels. Should you require some graphic design work we have expert resources available to help at a very reasonable price, typically £100 or less to develop your logo and banners. High quality logos and graphics can also be purchased cheaply and adapted from

Print Media

Your graphic designs and branding should also extend to be used across any print media (business cards, letter heads etc.) so will need to be sufficiently high resolution for this purpose. Print media requires higher resolution images than digital media for a high quality product.  

Video Production

You may wish to promote your brand through a video via Youtube. We have very reasonably priced contacts who can help with your video production and we can help you to set up a branded Youtube channel and embed and videos in your website.