Add ins

Optional add-ins provided extra functions and other fancy stuff

Add-ins to enhance and expand your site

Concrete5, Wordpress, Opencart and Magento all provide rich functionality "out-of-the-box" however they can all be enhanced using "Add-ins". Add-ins provide extra functionality not provided by the core software, some add-ins are free and some require a one-off purchase, typically around £20. When considering the development of your website we will consider the core functionality you require and recommend the software that will provide most relevant functionality for your needs. For example we would recommend Concrete5 for a site which is primarily an on-line "brochure" for your business, Wordpress if you will primarily be blogging and Opencart or Magento if your website is primarily e-commerce.

Some businesses would require the functions offered by Concrete5, Opencart and Wordpress in an integrated site. We have experience in developing websites that integrate all three of these products into one site with a consistent, bespoke templates working together a seamlessly.

All the add-ins for Concrete5 can be found here and an example using of a photo gallery add-in is shown below, click on a photo to see it in action.